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Although the bulk of Jan’s work surrounds sleep issues, her training, skills and  wealth of experience means that this is not the only aspect of child care she is able to help you with.

A visit to you, will enable her to discuss any sleep and behaviour issues your child might have and to consider the best approach that will achieve a speedy resolution to whatever problems you are facing or concerns that you may have.

Some of the areas of work in which Jan has been able to help parents, are described below. Whatever situation you are facing with your child, please give Jan a call.


Many families who are baby led find that the baby thrives as long as their requirements for sleep and food is met. The only problem is that babies can’t tell the time and it is often the case that the night time is used for feeding and the day time is used for sleeping. Jan will help, using gentle methods, to turn this around so that you don’t feel your only alternative is to move to the other side of the world to get on the baby’s time zone!


A number of parents who have been ‘baby led’ in the early days find that after a few months they feel that their little one is ready for a bit more structure to the day, and so are they!  Jan will ask you to keep a diary for 48 hours and will then come and visit you at home. She will look at the diary and what your little one is doing naturally, and help you to ease your baby into a pattern so that you have more idea of what will happen, and at what time during the day.

The Terrible Two’s

The ‘Terrible Twos’ will arrive in due course and at this point in a parenting journey a whole new ball game begins, as cute smiley babies find their feet and start to push their boundaries. Jan will come and spend time with you, observing your little one and your interaction with them. She will explore their behaviour with you and look for any trigger factors that lead to mini explosions!  She will talk to you about the different approaches that you can use to prevent and manage these situations and give you the confidence to deal with those tricky toddler taming moments.

Jan will then be available by phone, text and email to provide support for you.

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