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The consultation visit is central to all that Jan does. It enables her to get to know you as a family, to understand your baby and to work to develop a strategy which will help you to resolve any concerns and problems you are facing.

The time of this visit can be during the day, an evening or even at week-ends if you would like your husband or partner to be present. The visit will last between 1½ – 2 hours.

Prior to her visit Jan will need you to keep a diary relating to your child covering a 48 hour period. This should include details of feeding times, food given, milk- quantity, nap times, sleep times, and any matters of concern. This should be e-mailed to Jan at janniharri@gmail.com at least 24 hours before her visit to you.

Jan will use this information during the consultation visit to discuss your baby by reviewing their progress, history, sleeping and feeding patterns. This will enable her to then look at what help you may require and how she can best support you.

Sleep Training Consultation Visit

The consultation visit for Sleep Training follows the same pattern as that outlined for the standard Consultation Visit, described above.

In addition, Jan will also discuss different Sleep Training techniques with you to identify what methods you are comfortable with following.

From this information Jan will work with you to create a step by step sleep training plan specifically for your child. One that she is confident will work for you and one that you will feel comfortable to follow.

Once the sleep plan has been produced, the next step is the implementation.

Note: In some situations Jan may not be able to help your child with sleep training until other issues are addressed first. If this should be the case, Jan will advise the best course of action that will enable any issues to be resolved quickly and enable sleep training to begin as soon as possible.

Cancellation of Consultation Visit

If you choose to subsequently cancel the consultation within three days of any planned visit, a cancellation fee will be charged at the rate of 20% of the total cost.

In the event of such cancellation being due to illness or other crisis resulting in a re-scheduling of the appointment, no cost will be incurred.

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