Grumbles and Complaints

It is always hoped that the service provided by Night Owls will never result in any complaints. However, we recognise that sometimes situations arise that can create dissatisfaction. As part of its complaints process Night Owls is committed to ensure that lessons learned from any complaint will lead to an improvement or change in its service to reduce the probability of similar situations occurring in the future.

  • In the event of dissatisfaction with the service provided by the Agency, contact should be made with one of the Directors identifying where you feel the service has not reached your expectations. One of the Directors will investigate your concerns and provide a written response within 10 working days.
  • In the event of dissatisfaction with the service offered by the Maternity Nurse, the client should endeavour to find a resolution by speaking to the Nurse directly, clearly identifying any concerns they might have.
  • If this does not lead to a satisfactory outcome, the client should contact the Agency and put in writing particulars of any grievance or dissatisfaction they may have. This should detail dates and times any event took place as well as describing what happened and what was said.
  • Night Owls management will meet with the Maternity Nurse within two working days of receipt of any communication, to discuss the matters identified. This meeting will constitute a formal investigation and minutes will be taken of all matters discussed.
  • Night Owls will consider the points raised by both parties. If it is thought appropriate Night Owls will meet with the client to discuss further the matters raised.
  • If no resolution is possible, Night Owls will make an informed decision within 5 working days, based upon the evidence from all parties. This may result in the Maternity Nurse being removed and if appropriate a replacement found.
  • If, following the process described above no satisfactory resolution can be achieved within 56 days, the matter will be referred to independent arbitration


We trust that you have found the above information helpful. Our aim is to provide you with the very best Maternity Nurse who is available.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with us further, please email or phone Fiona on 07854 953671