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The role of any Sleep Trainer is to work with you to provide the knowledge and skills to enable your child to sleep through the night.

Jan’s goal is not to provide a ‘quick-fix’, but a permanent solution in which you the parents are taught the necessary skills to use both in the immediate as well as at any time in the future.

This is why Jan’s consultation visit is a crucial element in determining the most appropriate approach to be taken.

Jan offers three options for helping you with Sleep Training:

  1. A consultation visit followed by telephone support for as long as you need.
  2. A consultation visit followed by a Bed-time Package
  3. A consultation visit followed by Jan coming to your home and working alongside you to implement the sleep training plan.

All of these are described in more detail in the section below

Once your baby is sleeping through the night Jan’s initial work is done. You can however come back to her within 12 months, if you find that due to sickness, jet lag or ‘just one of those things’ you are having  problems with your baby’s sleep patterns. Providing she doesn’t have to visit you again there will be no additional cost for advice, to get you back on track.

There is a rumour that Jan has a magic wand, She would stress that this is not true! In over 15 years working as a Sleep Trainer, Jan has never failed to achieve the desired outcomes, provided parents have been willing to work with her, and follow her advice. It will take commitment from you as parents to ensure that any results that have been achieved, are maintained. The techniques employed by Jan will only work if they are used consistently after she has left.

Sleep Training DIY

This is essentially a ‘do it yourself’ sleep training package with telephone and email support to ensure success.

At the consultation visit, Jan will work with you in creating a Sleep Plan. One that she is confident will work and one that you will be happy to follow.

If you feel confident to follow this through yourselves, Jan will be available by phone, text or email to support you and to monitor your progress until your child is sleeping through the night. Depending on your commitment and resolve this can take as little as 3 nights.

Jan will speak with you every day for the first week. Contact in this way allows the plan to be adapted as necessary, until the outcome is achieved.

After that your child should be sleeping through the night.

If you choose to implement the Sleep Training yourselves, it is important that both of you are in agreement with any plan and supportive of each other in implementing it.

The price for the consultation visit includes the cost of telephone and email support.

Bed Time Package

If you are not so confident at implementing a Sleep Training plan yourself, Jan can come to your home at bed time for between one and three evenings to help you with putting your child to bed as part of the sleep training plan.

At the consultation visit, Jan will work with you in creating a Sleep Plan. One that she is confident will work and one that you will be happy to follow.

When you and Jan feel that everything is ready to start sleep Training, Jan will come to your home when you put your child to bed. She will stay usually about 2 – 3 hours, depending on how long things take.

Jan will then go home and call you in the morning to see how things have gone overnight. Depending upon how many nights you have ‘booked’ Jan for, depends on whether she returns the following night or continues to provide telephone or email support as with the DIY sleep training above.

It is important to recognise that the cost of the Bed-time package is an additional cost to the initial home consultation visit. 

Sleep Training Night Support

Following the consultation visit, if you feel that you would like overnight support in implementing the sleep training plan, Jan can spend from one to three nights in your home, to provide all the help that you need. She will be on hand to respond to situations as they develop and to give you support and advice.

Jan will arrive at your home just before your baby’s bed time and will generally leave around 6:00am the following morning.

Experience has shown that generally after three nights, any sleep issues are either resolved or well on the way to being resolved.

If you would like to book Jan for longer, this can be arranged.

It is important to recognise that the cost of Sleep Training Night Support is an additional cost to the initial home consultation visit.

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