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Jan has been working in Child-care for over 30 years.  She qualified as a Nursery Nurse (NNEB) and has worked in nurseries, run pre-schools and worked as a nanny.  In the early 1980s she worked as a housemother and kindergarten teacher in a school in Pakistan. Her work then took her into the Afghan Refugee Camps and villages in Pakistan teaching Primarily Health Care to young mothers.

Following her return to the UK she  began to develop her  skills and experience working with new babies as a maternity nurse and a night nurse.  It wasn’t long before she had developed a reputation for ‘being able to make any baby sleep’.  Over the last 18 years this has become an area in which she has specialised, and gets a great deal of satisfaction when calmness and sleep are restored in a chaotic nocturnal household!

The majority of Jan’s work is ‘word of mouth’. She is regularly contacted by people living in different parts of the world. Her client base currently extends to Australia, China, Canada, USA, India, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Dubai and many parts of Europe.

Jan works with around a hundred families each year and has an excellent and proven track record of working with singletons, twins and triplets.

The methods and techniques which she uses have been developed through personal experience and practical application. It is important to understand that since Jan’s livelihood depends upon the experience and methods developed over many years, she must ask that any sleep training techniques shared with you are not passed to anyone else, without her written permission.


Jan’s methods have been shown to work successfully with the minimum of distress to either parent or child. She does  not use ‘Cry it Out’, or ‘Controlled Crying’ since she considers these methods to be too distressing for babies and parents.  Jan accepts that although they can work there are other ways to achieve the same results, just as quickly without being so severe.

The specific services she offers can be found under Jan Harrison’s Services on the this Web site, however, fundamental to each of them is her primary concern for the needs of your child. She treats all children as people in their own right, with their own needs and personality. Jan finds that this is an important element that must be understood when constructing any sleep plan, if it is to be successful. She also recognises the necessity to work within the framework of your requirements as parents to achieve a positive outcome which is mutually beneficial to you all.

Jan’s Commitment to You

If you chose to engage her services, Jan’s commitment to you is to provide a professional service of the highest standards. In addition she will work alongside you as parents, to deal with any problems you face and to provide both support, help and advice to resolve these matters as quickly as possible.

Jan will endeavour to be as flexible as she can in her approach, to respect your wishes and the needs of your child.

By the very nature of her work, it is not possible for Jan to contact all of her clients every day! Furthermore, it is unlikely that everyone would require a call this frequently. We therefore ask that if you require any support, help or advice at any time, that you contact Jan. If Jan is not able to answer your enquiry immediately, she will endeavour to return your call within 12 hours of you contacting her. If Jan has not heard from you she will assume that everything is alright.

You can contact Jan as often as you need by phone, text, email, Facebook etc. to discuss your child and their needs for up to 12 months from the initial consultation visit. If Jan is not able to answer your enquiry immediately, she will endeavour to return your call within 12 hours of you contacting her.

If Jan is supporting you with Sleep Training, Jan will try to telephone, text or email you every day, to see how things are going. This dedicated support will only be for a period of 7 days. After that time Jan will expect that any further calls will be from you.

If you need to speak with Jan urgently at any time, please use the Night Owls contact number:  07802 424214

It is important to recognise that due to the limitations of mobile phone’s and Wifi connections, sometimes communication may be intermittent. This is especially the case if Jan is in the car or away from home. Very often a text will get through where a call will fail.

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