New Born Support

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If you do not have the physical space in your home to accommodate a Maternity Night Nurse, or if you feel that having someone with you will increase rather than reduce your stress levels at this time then you might like to consider a Newborn Support Package.

One of our experienced Maternity Nurses will come to your home after your baby is born and stay with you for a few hours at a time to suit you. During this time she will offer advice on routines, feeding, changing, winding and bathing your baby and answer any questions you may have. She will then be available to you for the next three months on the phone and by email to support you through the early days, answering all your questions and helping you keep on track with getting your baby to sleep through the night, as soon as possible.

This is a very cost effective way of doing things, since for the price of a few overnights you have ongoing support for three months.

The 3 month Newborn Support package includes a total of two home visits, including the initial visit.


If your home follows religious or cultural traditions, then both the Maternity Nurse and Night Owls should be informed of this fact. We respect all faiths, cultures and religious observances and would not want act in any way that might cause offence to you or your family.

Charges and Rates of Pay

This service is a one off fee as shown below and is payable directly to the Agency. We will be pleased to send you an Invoice and would appreciate if you could settle this within 10 days.