Day Time Maternity Nurse

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A Maternity Day Nurse will come to your home and help you with the care of your baby while you either rest or learn from her.  She will feed your baby or support you in breast feeding, change and settle your baby, help with bath time and bedtime routines and take your new baby for a walk.  She will take care of the baby’s washing and ironing but any further household tasks that you may require should be agreed at the interview and written into their contract.  A Maternity Day Nurse will also cook you a light lunch and generally assist you in your recovery.

Hours can be arranged at the time of booking to suit but are usually for a minimum of eight hours daily, up to six days per week.

Domestic Requirements

Obviously the size of your home will affect the type of facilities that you can offer to the Maternity Nurse.

Maternity Day Nurses do not require a bed or a room that are normally provided to other Maternity Nurses. However, it would be a requirement to make available drinks (tea, coffee etc.) as well as meals during the day, depending upon how many hours the Day Maternity Nurse is with you.


If your home follows religious or cultural traditions, then both the Maternity Nurse and Night Owls should be informed of this fact. We respect all faiths, cultures and religious observances and would not want act in any way that might cause offence to you or your family.

Charges and Rates of Pay

Once you made your selection of Maternity Nurse, you will need to confirm the offer of employment to both the Maternity Nurse as well as to Night Owls.

At this stage, Night Owls will send you a service agreement detailing the nights, days or weeks that have been agreed. Included with this will be an invoice confirming the Agency Fee to be charged and identifying the different ways in which this can be paid. We would ask that any Agency Fees are paid within 10 days of the Invoice date.

When you confirm employment to the Maternity Nurse, you will be required to pay them a minimum of one week’s non-refundable deposit for every four week contract period, or part thereof.

Unless the Maternity Nurse is working overseas or you live outside of a 30 mile radius of central London (measured from Charing Cross), you would not generally be required to cover the cost of travel, this is included in the Nurse’s hourly rate. For locations beyond the 30 miles radius of travel the Maternity Nurse may choose to charge the cost of travelling. This could either be charged at the rate of a maximum of 45p / mile or the cost of a second class train ticket. The Maternity Nurse will let you know if this additional cost applies.

If the Maternity Nurse uses her own car to travel to you, wherever you live, you would be required to cover the cost of parking, supply an ‘on-street parking permit’ or space on your drive. In addition, if the hours of employment incur a London Congestion Charge payment, this would also need to be covered.

Maternity Nurses’ rates for working on a Bank Holiday are charged at time and a half. This charge applies to the actual hours worked on the Bank Holiday. In other words if the Bank Holiday is on Monday, the charge would apply for any hours worked commencing midnight Sunday night to midnight Monday night. Where a Maternity Nurse is willing to work on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, this will be charged at double time.

The table below gives a general guide of the prices charged by Day Maternity Nurses. However, the actual rates of pay will vary, depending upon the experience, qualifications and skill of the Nurse. The actual charge for each Maternity Nurse will be confirmed with you at the time of your enquiry.

Nurse Average rate per hour single baby Average rate per hour twins
From To From To
Day Maternity Nurse £11.00 £16.00 £14.00 £20.00