Agency Fees

pdf owlThe Agency Fees form part of Night Owls Terms & Conditions and establish the current charges made for its services. In all cases a working week is considered as being the seven day period from Sunday to Saturday.

Since the Agency Fee is based entirely upon the cost of supplying a suitable Maternity Nurse, this charge remains the same irrespective of whether the Maternity Nurse is working days, nights or live-in.

Employment UK Rates Overseas Rates
Daily Weekly Daily Weekly
Maternity Nurse – Live-in £20 £100 £25 £125
Maternity Nurse – Nights £20 £100 £25 £125
Maternity Nurse – Days £20 £100 £25 £125
New-born Support Package No Fee No Fee No Fee No Fee
Subsequent re-booking rate £10 £50 £15 £75

The rates indicated above apply to Maternity Nurses working for a period of up to 26 weeks

  1. The weekly rate is charged for periods of 5 days or more within a 7 day period between Sunday to Saturday.
  2. A minimum charge of 3 nights is made for contract periods of less than 5 nights
  3. If you chose to re-employ a Maternity Nurse who has previously worked for you, a discounted rate of 50% of the Agency Fee will apply for a maximum period of up to 26 weeks.
  4. Where a Maternity Nurse is offered full-time employment in excess of 26 weeks, the weekly agency fee will no longer apply. In its place a single payment of six times the weekly net salary charged by the Maternity Nurse will be paid to the Agency and no further costs will be incurred.