Agency Fees

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The Agency Fees form part of Night Owls Terms & Conditions and establish the charges made for its services. Since the Agency Fee is based entirely upon the cost of supplying a suitable Maternity Nurse, this charge remains the same irrespective of whether the Maternity Nurse is working days, nights or live-in.

It is important to note that the Agency Fee is an additional charge to that made by the Maternity Nurse and is paid separately to the Agency upon the issuing of a Night Owls Invoice. The Invoice can be issued at the time of booking, when the specific dates are agreed or will be issued at the end of a booking period once the actual dates that the Maternity Nurse has worked, are known.

Introductory Fee

Due to the amount of time required to identify available Maternity Nurses, we charge a deposit of £50 payable at the time of the client’s initial enquiry. If the client subsequently chooses one of the Maternity Nurse’s Night Owls has referred to them, this cost will be deducted from the Agency fee booking. Clients are required to pay the deposit and complete the registration form before Night Owls is able to send you details of available Maternity Nurses. 

Agency Fee – Rates (Maternity Nurses)

Services Provided UK Rates Overseas Rates
Daily Daily
Maternity Nurse – Live-in £22 £27
Maternity Nurse – Nights £22 £27
Maternity Nurse – Days £22 £27
Subsequent re-booking rate £20 £25

The rates indicated above is the fee charged by the agency and applies to any Maternity Nurse working for a period of up to 26 weeks

  1. The daily rate is charged for each day/night shift worked by the Maternity Nurse in each 24 hour period
  2. A minimum charge of 3 nights is made for contract periods of less than 5 nights
  3. If you chose to re-employ a Maternity Nurse who has previously worked for you, a discounted rate of for the Agency Fee will apply as shown above for a maximum period of up to 26 weeks.
  4. If a Maternity Nurse continues to be employed by the client for more than 26 weeks, different Agency rates will apply. This is set at 10% of the gross annual salary ‘pro rata’, paid to the Maternity Nurse during their first year of employment. This constitutes a single ‘fixed fee’ payment and covers the whole period that the Maternity Nurse remains in employment with the client. The total Agency fee already paid up to the 26 week threshold will be deducted from the 10% of the gross annual salary figure and any balance outstanding above any payments already made should be paid by the client once the 26 week threshold has been reached.

Agency Fee – Rates (Nannies)

Since Nannies are employed in a permanent position, the rate charged for Nannies is a single ‘fixed fee’ payment of 10% of the gross annual salary paid to the Nanny during their first year of employment. This fee applies once the Nanny has worked a minimum of 6 weeks from their start date and covers the whole period that the Nanny remains in employment with the client. If the Nanny leaves during the six week period, then the Agency fee will be charged at the same rate as the Maternity Nurse daily fee and any balance paid by the client above this amount will be refunded within 14 days.