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How Babies think

A unique training day with Night Owls Maternity

If a baby giraffe can be on its feet and running with the family within hours of its birth, have you ever wondered why a human baby remains so heavily dependent on tender care and nurturing for such a prolonged period?

The answers lie in understanding the intricacies and wonders of brain development – appreciating both what we humans have in common with animals and what is unique about our experience and progress. Dr Jenni Barr will guide us through the day.

The emphases will be on appreciating the wonder of infant learning as it occurs between 0 and 12 months, being informed about how the brain is developing as a result of experiences during this time and, most importantly, coming to a deeper understanding of our critical role as facilitators of the process.

Hazel, a mother who adopted twin girls and an experienced foster parent will be sharing her story and contributing to the day from her experience of ‘mending little broken lives’.

Numbers attending will be limited to 20 in order to ensure that the day is lively and interactive, with guided observations of video material, group discussion as well as plenary learning.

Jenni is a consultant Child Psychologist. Her career, spanning over 35 years, has been spent working with children of all ages and with and through the adults who support them. She has been employed in local authorities and Universities, worked in national safeguarding and with fostering and adoption agencies. Now with her own company, Jenni splits her time between psychology and creative arts. This is her second visit from Scotland to contribute to our training.